Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Aunite Wendy to the rescue - again!

I had a much better night last night - just the one painkiller tablet - and feel a little better in myself.  However, when I gingerly take the eye patch off and wait for a refocus - it doesn't happen - very frustrating!
Anyway, as a good friend was prone to say "I'm bored now!"  Today Daisy was due to be groomed - not the highest priority I know but the groomer is very popular and a devil to get an appointment with.  Plus - as you will see from the photo - there was a LOT of hair to cut off.  So it was kinder to Daisy to keep the appointment.  Cue Wendy again as chauffeur who kindly drove us to take Daisy and then drove us to pick her up an hour later - she deserves a medal!
Hair mountain

Otherwise my day has been more of the same - a little light housework, take a break, a little church accounting, take a break, a little craft room tidying, take a break - extremely frustrating when you just want to get on!  To compound the frustration Lynette Anderson has posted a picture on facebook of some personalised thread holders that she is making for her workshops in August - I just have to be well enough to get to that!! (fancy getting mine in the picture!)

I've also sat on the phone trying to get through to the MRI department re an appointment - they were continuously busy!  However, when I did get through it would appear that the doctor put me on a 6 week waiting list - which, I guess, goes hand in hand with him saying that there wasn't an urgent need for a scan.  I guess that's good news - right?

Oh - and the online Tesco order arrived - now what did we do without that facility?  I'm not eating much still but, when I do, I don't want to bother cooking it so have ordered some prepared fruit and a couple of ready meals to keep me going - ah bless!


  1. Well I guess things sound like they are moving in the right direction, albeit slower than you might want. How marvellous to have good friends who drop everything to help out...well done to them :) Isn't it great that not only can we order food from our armchair, we have the choice or pre-prepared food as well! Don't go overdoing it now ...slowly does it is order of the day I think!

  2. Pleased you are functioning a little better!! It sounds as though you are being sensible which is good. Very kind of Wendy to be your taxi driver. Hopefully it won't be long before you feeling a lot better. Take care xxxxx