Thursday, 21 July 2016

Daisy goes bananas in a field.....

This morning I had a treat - a run out with Wendy to go to a local patchwork and textile show.  We admired the work - now knowing enough to appreciate the effort and, at times, spotting the "deliberate mistakes".  I particular liked the way that quilting and decorative stitches were used to highlight textures and "draw pictures".  I keep hoping that, one day, I will be skilled enough to design my own.  In the meantime I keep taking pictures to draw inspiration from.

Wendy and I also met up with another "Tuesday night inmate" - Shirley - and had coffee and a scone with her and her friend Olga.

Of course being out and about in a  car, I was able to take full advantage - taking a parcel to church, picking up a prescription and popping into the independent butchers for some produce.  They were selling homemade steak casserole - cooked to put into a pie but you could take a pot home - looked scrumptious!  Once home, and dogs sorted, I settled to some of their ham in a sandwich for lunch and made a start on my Lynette Anderson stitchery for her workshop needlecase.  I did feel guilty, however - the dogs were not walked in the intense heat and, although it is still humid here, I took them out to a local field.  This field is bordered by a main road and a graveyard so I dare not let Millie off - but I had her on an extendable lead whilst Daisy ran free - bouncing all over the place like a real "tigger".  As I write this blog, its been two hours since we returned - and the dogs are still crashed out.

Once home it was time for my garden moment - this time I took a book outside and chilled.  The story - The Teacher - starts off gruesomely with a headteacher killing himself - but I was so chilled that I fell asleep for 45 mins - only waking when Daisy spotted someone daring to walk past the house and barking at them!

Tonight I am off out again - it's the WI bimonthly supper club.  This time we are going to a tapas restaurant in Louth - not my favourite type if food but we have to try different things now don't we!

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