Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A "drunkards path" kind of day


For those not initiated in the ways of quilting the Drunkards Path quilt looks somewhat complicated and, as the name suggests, is supposed to mimic the walk that a drunk person would take.  Although I am not intoxicated and cannot remember the last time that I drank alcohol, today seems to follow this random pattern.  Let me explain.

Tomorrow my new carpet is due to be fitted and today was a day that I was due to be nowhere so, when I went to bed last night (are you keeping up here?) I thought through all the jobs that could be completed today - particularly painting the bedside table and a small table ready to move into the bedroom tomorrow.  I also wanted to sweep the floor one last time to ensure that any concrete dust etc is cleared before the carpet is laid.  Problem number one was the amazing headache that descended just as my head touched the pillow!  Eventually I gave up and took some paracetamols before waiting for them to take effect.  Let's just say that I certainly saw 1;30am !  Problem number two was then at 6:15am when Millie began to bark.  I got up to let her out but she didn't want to be "clean" - she was just awake. I cant even say that the new black out curtains will help - it was dark outside anyway.  Perhaps Daisy will help.

After a trudge back to bed and some dozing - with headache again of course - I got up, had breakfast etc and then settled down to paint the two pieces of furniture.  Problem number three - I couldn't find the paint brushes and sugar soap.  Perhaps I had thrown them away - that was my mother's advice several months ago.  Cue a trip into Louth.  Still, I thought, turn a negative into a positive - I needed a blood test (and it would be useful to see my ESR count when I have this kind of headache)  plus I had bought a table lamp several months ago and needed to buy a specific light bulb for it.  Problem number four - I forgot to take my blood sample request form - fortunately this was quickly solved by a kind nurse in Outpatients.  I then went to B & Q to find the light bulb.  Apparently this is a light bulb!!!  It works but I don't understand how or why it is so small!  However problem solved - the hallway now has light.

Feeling like I had turned my luck around I went home and started to paint the bedside cabinet.  Oh how misfortune must be laughing at me today as I dunked my paintbrush into my cup of coffee - problem number five.    Somebody rung up Jeremy Vine to ask what the screaming in North Somercotes is all about!!  It was time for a very late lunch!

Now I am aware that today's post sounds quite negative so lets try and end with some positives:-

  1. I now have the right light bulb for my new lamp.
  2. B & Q had a good offer on some really useful storage boxes - I bought two for £10 - just the right size for storing fat quarters.  One of them I have filled with the fabric that I need for this year's Scamblesby quilt project.
  3. Painting the bedside cabinet and table today (the second coat went on this afternoon) meant that I could make use of the bare floor in the bedroom and not worry about spilling paint etc.
  4. It was not raining when I took Millie out
  5. A new series of Midsummer Murders starts tonight.

Okay, Okay - on reflection it's a day that I just want to start again but can't!  I really need an early night tonight - tomorrow is an early start and I have to dismantle the bed before the carpet arrives - hardly a mean feat when you remember the weight (39kg) of the mattress!  Thank goodness I live in a bungalow and just have to slide it into the conservatory! ( oh and back again afterwards!)


  1. Oh dear , hope your headache is better?
    And why do you suppose the puppy might help millie to sleep later, will be the opposite, puppies wake at the crack of dawn and wee every hour, so your days of lying in are over for the next 6 months, sorry to add a negative!
    And a positive, glad to see you are organised for scamblesby, good idea to have a designated box.
    Might do the same.

  2. Oh dear, shame about the headache :(
    Sorry but just had to laugh at the paintbrush going into the coffee cup!
    Looking forward to seeing the new bedroom tomorrow!

  3. You will have to stop spending money - bargain or not - or you won't be able to afford all the special treats for Daisy!!

  4. Love the pattern but not keen on the name!!! Hope all goes well with the carpet tomorrow!! Xxxx