Friday, 15 January 2016

The joy of tracking a delivery

As ever let's start with last night.  Weigh in went well and I lost 3 pounds.  I could have done better but I will settle for that - onwards and upwards as they say.  In the meantime I had some very disappointed people that I hadn't brought Daisy.  As I have said before, she can't get used to going everywhere with me but I have read that a puppy should meet 100 people in their first three months to get socialised - so I have accepted their invite for her next week - do they really know what they've let themselves in for?

The dogs slept well - and I woke up at 6 am and decided to get up - Daisy had whined in the middle of the night when I went to the toilet and it wasn't worth going through that again.  Because I was up early I decided to make Baked Oats for breakfast - mmm hits the spot on this cold morning. Then it was onto the first job of the day - trying to find my desk under all the clutter!  Since it's a job that I REALLY hate I used a 15 minute countdown timer - anyone can focus for 15 minutes - right?  As a "reward" for completing my fifteen minutes I started to "dress" the bedroom ready for the delivery of the final piece of furniture (an armchair) later on today.  Mind you my efforts were thwarted by the two dogs - Daisy likes to chew rubbish - just like Millie!  I also managed to find my Stanley knife - and took apart 4 purchases from poundland - there were 4 dog collars and 2 dog leads - which lead to this haul of hardware.  When you think that two small clasps cost me £2 then it was worth the hassle.

Talking of the armchair, I was really impressed with their tracking service.  I had been given a four hour delivery time yesterday - 11:40am  - 3:40pm - and was thrown into panic.  I had a dentist appointment this afternoon and the latest that I must leave was 2:30pm.  However the tracking system wasn't just the usual - left depot status etc - it was a map with a little van that kept being updated without me having to refresh.  When I saw that the van was near Grimsby by 10am I stopped worrying.  Mind you I then got a phone call to say that they would be there within the hour so I cannot fault their customer service.  So - here is the armchair in situ and the bedroom finished - well almost.  The space above the headboard is reserved for the Lynette Anderson sampler quilt that I've been working on FOREVER and must finish this year!  If you recall the decorator put two hooks up to hold the quilt for me.

Lunch was homemade pea and ham soup ( I used the ham trimmings that the deli counter sell - they hit the spot) with Slimming World "scones" - recipe below.  Then it was time to pop into Louth for the dentist.  The visit was to start the crown making process and I had an afternoon of nasty tasting putty to look forward to (not to mention the numb gum and drooling!).  I left home early so that I could pop into the new Aldi that opened just before Christmas.  They say that it's the largest in the UK and it is certainly very big compared to others that I have been in.  The main reason for shopping there (apart from the prices of course) was to pick up some Weight Watchers Fruit crumble slices - they taste just like jam tarts and are only 80 calories (4 syns).  So I picked up a stash (ahem), along with some recommended "Fruit and Fibre" bars and some chocolate covered Rice Cakes - Happymum had recommended them to Mum who gave me one at Christmas - very nice!

Blocks 8 - 16
Craftwise -  today I have focused on making sure that I am up to date with the 365 block challenge.  Because the challenge comes from Australia they tend to send through the next block at midday - ie we are on the 15th but the 16th one came through after lunch.  Therefore completing 16 makes me feel that I am ahead of the game!  These squares are only 3" in size and cutting squares of 1 1/4 " x 1 1/4" is making everything rather fiddly but I am digging in and keeping going.  It will be good to accomplish this challenge!  How are you doing Sewingbuddy?

By the way - Dinner tonight will be one of my favourites - bacon and butternut squash risotto - mmmmmm - if I wasn't drooling already from the dentist then I would be.

Syn Free Scones

Packet Smash
tub of fat free cottage cheese
1 egg

Put smash into bowl, mix in  cottage cheese &1 egg - mix until forms a dough - if too dry add another egg (or part of egg)

Form into scone shapes & bake in oven for about 20 mins at about 200 - until golden brown

Will keep for several days in the fridge.

PS - you nearly had a "gross" money shot of the two pooches.  I asked them both to be clean, they both went out and squatted next to each other with their backs to me - bless!


  1. Pleased your delivery worked out OK. It's always good when that happens. The chair looks really comfortable. The 'gross' photo of Millie and Daisy would have been a good one. Perhaps next time!!!!!!

  2. Bedroom is looking really nice.
    What a good idea to buy at the £store and rob bits for the hardware?
    Good news with the weight loss, keep it up, no sausage roll then on Sunday ?
    Those scones sound awful.
    I was in Aldi this morning about 11 ish.
    Then trotters.
    Got all our shopping for Sunday sorted.

    Hope dogs behave tonight.

  3. Me again, forgot to say about the 365 day challenge, not even going there!
    Would never keep it up, sorry.

  4. That money shot would have given us a laugh for sure!
    Well done on the 3lbs and all that buying to keep you on track! Mmm to rice cakes and also risotto.