Sunday, 24 January 2016

Normal service is resumed.

Firstly may I apologise for my bad mood yesterday.  I can forgive Daisy for making mistakes, but when Millie refused to eat her food in the conservatory it was just a step too far - the straw that broke the camel's back etc etc.

Onto today - as ever I watched the sewing programme on Create and Craft - and resisted making a purchase!  They were featuring a designer who makes simply gorgeous quilts but I think that I might have enough projects on the go as it is.  However it was an excuse to continue with the hand quilting of my first star block.

Then it was off to church where a chance conservation with Dorothy may result in a few more purple scraps being added to my stash for this mystery quilt.  It would seem that purple, lilac and pink are Dorothy's colours - ooh I was so grateful that I could hold onto my pledge.  I just need to avoid buying any fabric until the 26th February - not much longer now - we're nearly in February after all.  Mind you I might need to start buying wadding - Daisy seems to want it in her bed (I found this today - for the uninitiated the white stuff is my wadding!)

After a lunch of cauliflower cheese soup, I set to tidying up for mum and dad's visit tomorrow.  Luckily everything was reasonably okay so it didn't take long but I would like them to see the newly decorated rooms looking their best.  Then it was down to machine quilting the second block before the sun dropped and it became too cold to sew in the conservatory.  I figure that if half of the blocks are completed before Tuesday evening's class then I am getting somewhere.  I am also conscious that I made a fuss of having hooks put up to hang quilts from - yet, a month later, there are still no quilts to hang - I must crack on!  Once the block was completed I moved on to the 365 challenge - these blocks are number 24 and 25 - one day ahead of the game!

My other reason for being in a bad mood yesterday was the continued bad behaviour of my computer - hence the strange layout of the post.  I am pleased to say that the computer stopped sulking today and is working fine - bless him.  Fingers crossed that this happy state continues.

Tonight sees the mopping of the kitchen and bathroom (night time so that the floor has time to dry and I escape the slips!) with some more hand sewing.  I suspect that Daisy will be lively tonight - she has been asleep for the last hour or so and I suspect that I will pay for that!


  1. That hand quilting is looking good.
    I too resisted today's c and c, but wasn't she good, not seen her before- oh dear I expect it won't be long before we are on her tracks too.
    I can see a vision! Lo.!
    Hope your leg is feeling a bit better.

    1. The leg is doing okay - I have to go again on Tuesday to have it redressed. In terms of c & C I will confess to having her book "Heirloom Quilts" - I will bring it on Saturday if I remember x

  2. Don't you put up with any nonsense from Milly, if she was hungry she would have eaten it!
    My head gets dizzy when I read of all your sewing projects and when they all need to be done by!
    Looking forward to seeing some extra faces in the pics next week :)

  3. Really I shoukd focus on one project at a time - but I get bored easily.