Saturday, 23 January 2016

A strange old day

Today started well - a lie in plus a number of small household jobs quickly completed should have been the precursor of a successful day.  I even managed to pop into the village for some dog food and then onto the village butchers for some sausages.

Once home I carried on with crossing the small tasks off the list.  First up was the quilting of my Tuesday evening star blocks.  Each one has to be machine quilted and then I am planning to hand quilt a decorative pattern. I started this block on Tuesday evening so finishing the machining means that I can sit and hand quilt tonight.  This is a picture of the back before its tidied up - they say that the back should look as neat as the front!

Next up was finishing the Anni Downs candle holder block that I started yesterday.  Just one more panel and this block is completed.

Then it was onto the fireplace - you may recall my admiration of Barkeepers Friend many months ago.  Well it came up trumps again and removed many of the stains that coal can leave.  

Then it was time for lunch, a sit down and my " problems" to start.  Daisy is having a bad day ( toilet training wise) and Millie had the hump about eating in the conservatory rather than the kitchen. Let's just say that the house was rather grumpy today!

The bright point was the catch up on a channel 5 series - " Britains Bloody Crown". This series covers one of my most favourite periods of History - The Wars of The Roses - and the much maligned King Richard III in particular. Hand quilting and watching history - mmmmmmm, it soothes the nerves!


  1. Sounds like an up an down day, but more up that down maybe ?

  2. Naughty Daisy!!! She needs taking in hand. I love the candle block. Well done xx