Sunday, 17 January 2016

Hi everyone - It's Daisy here!

Hi - I've been here a week and I know that mum keeps talking about me so I thought that I ought to introduce myself (lick lick, wag tail).  At night, when we go to bed, I have to make a lot of noise so that Millie can fill me in on all the goss.  She tells me that she and Katie have written a post (lick lick, wag tail) so I thought that it must be my turn.

A week ago I was living in a house with four children who kept stroking me (lick lick, wag tail) all the time and I had 5 brothers and sisters to play with.  Life was really hectic so I was a little bit shy when mum came to pick me up.  But wow - I'm having great fun here.  Let me tell you how I usually spend my day (today was different but I will come to that).

When I give her the nudge, Millie wakes mum up and she lets me out of the cage.  I won't "be clean" (as she calls it) until she's made a fuss of me.  Then I'll calmly step outside and do my business - I must say she's seems awfully pleased whenever I do that.  Then (lick lick, wag tail) Mum sits on the sofa in the conservatory with a blanket wrapped around her legs, the fire on and a cup of coffee whilst she tries to encourage Millie and I to play.  Ha ha - we are keeping her guessing on that one.  Then she gives me my breakfast and tries to escape to have a shower - got that one covered as well - I just jump up at the door until she stands with me to watch me eat - I'm a little bit of a control freak - I need to know what she's up to (lick lick, wag tail) .

After some running around I collapse into my bed around 8am and fall asleep.  By now Mum has kindly moved my bed into her craft room so that she can get on (he he!)  Every time after that she insists that I go out and "be clean" when I wake up / have eaten a meal - really darhling - it's far too cold on my tootises for that!  Still it does make the oldun happy.  Millie and I do play - I really like it when she pulls my bed around the floor like I'm on a sledge but she's not always so keen when I try to nibble her tail or ears 

After tea I am allowed into the magic playground room - mum calls it the lounge.  I like to get on the sofa and cuddle up to her and fall asleep.  But if she has her lap quilt on then I have found a new game - I slide down it and then scrabble back up again - hours of fun!

So - that's me - loads of energy and enjoying life.  Today, for example, mum took me sewing to Scamblesby.  I had all these ladies wrapped around my little paws (lick lick, wag tail) and had to lie down exhausted from all the fuss that people are making of me - but I loved it!  They even called me the cutest puppy that they'd seen - well naturally!  Auntie Heather is cuddling me here - did mum get my right side do you think?

Talking of mum I was so proud of her - not only did she finish her block today (looks good doesn't it?) but she stuck to her diet and avoided both the sausage rolls and the cake - go her!

Auntie Pat did well as well - look at this lovely quilt that she's making - I hear that Mum is making the same one - get a move on mum!

I had one "accident - well - you've got to keep mum on her toes now don't you!

Oh - hang on a minute - Millie wants a word so I will say good bye for now - see you soon (lick lick, wag tail).

Millie here - anyone want to buy a puppy?   Please !


  1. Sounds like your having a lot of fun, and my how you've grown on a week!! Will be coming to visit Tuesday eve before your Mum and I go sewing x

    1. ooh I will look forward to that (lick lick, wag tail)

  2. lol !
    Enjoyed daisies blog, you should let her write it from now on.
    It was a pleasure to meet Daisy today, she was lovely, and very well behaved, apart from one little accident!
    But she can come again,
    Every one worked hard today, and agree Lynda was very controlled on the food front- well done .
    Hope it pays off on Thursday.

  3. How lovely to hear from you Daisy :) sounds like you are settling in...and well done to mum for all her achievements today!

  4. Pleased to hear you had a good day Daisy, however I do get the feeling you are lulling your Mum Into a false sense of securitory.!!!!!!! Xx