Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Sleep, sleep - my kingdom for sleep..........

So - yesterday evening we had the money shot - the first time you could photograph both Millie and Daisy together.  Millie is trying hard to teach Daisy how to play but it's not there yet - Daisy just lollops her own way around the house.

At bedtime we did exactly as we did the night before - left the door to the crate since she seemed happier with that.  BIG mistake - the howling went on for an hour before I got up and shut her in the cage.  The howling then continued (although she couldn't hurtle herself at the door anymore) for another hour before I decamped to the lounge.  I should explain that my bedroom is close to the kitchen where the dogs sleep (or not in Daisy's case!).  Millie had already had enough ad barked at her several times to tell her off!(It's a good thing that I had warned the neighbours).  There seemed to be another half an hour before things calmed down - with Millie waking me up at 6am and daisy looking angelic in her bed.  This is becoming a real battle of wills!

Onto today's activities - I escaped the house this morning and went to the senior screen with Jean where we watched "The Dressmaker" (well - even my films are craft related now).  It was a great film with some surprises and a few moral lessons along the way.  We didn't go to lunch as I had been out for 3 1/2 hours by now so that was plenty long enough to leave Daisy for the first time - I came back to a quiet house.

After lunch, and a long snooze, I set to with the scraps from my EPP table cloth.  I drew a cardboard template from a clear finger plate and attached the scraps to the cardboard wit a zigzag stitch.  The result was this coordinating finger plate which also covers some less than wonderful plastering around the light switch.  Daisy accompanied me sitting in her basket watching me  Perhaps I need a new craft room bed for her!  I do, however, need to watch her like a hawk - she's a chewer!


  1. The first three months of having a puppy is the worst!! It's has to be her or you! Be strong and consistent - I think that is the thing. Love the light switch plate, good idea. Xxxx

  2. Without being smug in any way (well, maybe just a little!) - we never had any of these problems with Pennie. She seemed to being nd with Bonnie from day one and are inseparable at night time.

  3. So glad my kids only want gerbils and cats!