Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Strictly Come Dancing

Yesterday, as Church Treasurer, I received an electricity bill for over £2000!  But we were in credit with them so only had to pay £900!!  Since we normally pay around £200 per quarter something was seriously wrong!  So first on this morning's lists of tasks was a call into the church to take the readings.  Sure enough - by my calculations - they have over estimated our usage by 4000 units , bringing the bill down to around £500.  This still seems high - but we have had a lot of services and we have a new electrical heating system so haven't quite know how expensive the running is going to be.  However there is a lot of difference between £2000 and £500!

Last night I also heard some sad news.  A friend of my grandmothers - someone that we had known as Auntie Ivy - passed away.  Truthfully it was a blessed release for her but my heart and best wishes go out to her friends and family - particularly Happymum who was very close to her.


After a welcome lie in, I also treated myself to some hand quilting time.  Wendy had been kind enough to lend me some "Thimble its" - stick on protector pads to ensure that your finger is not full of tiny holes from the sewing and my target this week is to complete all the handsewing of the four star blocks - nearly finished number 2!

Apart from the usual housework tasks, I then used some scraps of towelling to make a new toy for Daisy - I even found some crinkle plastic to put inside it.  Having two large dogs here this week is proving a strain on the toy front - particularly those intended for puppies.

Crafting wise - clearly time has limited my attempts today - but I must just show you this idea that I fancied trying.  Someone has bought some till rolls and has marked out a pattern on them - sewing her scraps to the till roll (foundation piecing) as she has them - thereby forming a border roll.  I think that this is a fab idea!

But the main event today is my travel over to Sheffield to see Strictly Coming Dancing - the tour tonight.  Whilst I am over there I am planning to stop off at Meadowhall for a bit of retail therapy and will meet up with Trisha later on - more of this tomorrow.  You have been warned!


  1. What an exciting end to your day! What a good job you are on the ball regarding the bills and church!
    As you say, a blessed relief for Auntie Ivy.

  2. Wow!
    That's a big electric bill!
    Hope you enjoy your night at strictly.

  3. Oh heck all that money,and we weren't that warm on Sunday xx