Saturday, 30 January 2016

Pub quiz, sewing day and a feast of puddings - a winning combination

Last night was our monthly book club meeting.  After the meal there was a lively discussion followed by a pub quiz - let's just say that my team smashed it - well, we won by just a couple of points but why spoil the story!  When I got home it should have been straight to bed ( it was approaching 11:20am and past my curfew) but sadly there was sewing to be done.  As a competitive person, when Sewingbuddy sends me her completed block one -well, I just couldn't give her bragging rights now could I!

Today was the monthly sewing day at West Ashby - yes, Daisy came too.  Truthfully it was a day of frustration - after finishing my Tuesday night machine quilting, and cutting out the shapes for the next Anni Downs block (I suspect that Sewingbuddy will have finished this block soon as well!) then I set to trying to finish a block tat I started last march.  Sadly I did not have enough fabric so it was sew, undo, sew, undo etc etc!  Daisy, however, was fairly good - sleeping by my side for long stretches with only one "accident" (under Sewingbuddy's table lol!)

Tonight it's a church function where my role is to sell raffle tickets.  For £5 people can enjoy a bowl of home made soup and crusty bread - followed by as many different puddings from the groaning table as they would like.  (I'm not eating!)


  1. Great day today , I enjoyed it, even though there was a little puddle under my sewing table, I am sure you trained Daisy to do it!
    But she wS well behaved nd nice to see her.
    Have a good time tonight, and you are very reserved if you can forgo the desserts on offer - good luck!

  2. Home made soup...crusty bread AND puddings galore...and all for a fiver!! Good job there are several miles between us!

    1. I know - I think that they should charge more. We are just so lucky that people are so generous to donate so many puddings - the tables were groaning!