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Friday, 29 January 2016

Afternoon tea followed by a pub meal - the diet is going well!

May I start with a complaint - several comments were posted last night - particularly by JDme - which castigated me for letting Daisy sleep on my bed for one night.  May I just remind everyone that that action was only taken to allow JDme to have a good nights sleep!  How very ungrateful of her!!!!!


Last night I was so tired that I could have literally fallen asleep on a knife edge - and so didn't get up until after 8am (plus the obligatory listen to Chris Evans playing "Bring Me Sunshine" of course - my Friday treat).  We had booked an afternoon tea for lunch (work with me here) at Lilly's Tea Room in Keelby so had the morning spare. I put the time to good use - getting ready for tomorrow's sewing day at West Ashby and undoing a major catastrophe in my Anni Downs quilt (I had the same fabric next to each other - quelle horror!)  I also used the spare time to try Daisy's coat on her again and attach the lead - she could go out for a walk from next Wednesday so she ought to get used to it.  She tolerates it a little better but then just lies down and refuses to walk!

Lilly's tea Room was another delightful experience, although we did forgo afternoon tea for other delights (I had a bacon and cream cheese sandwich followed by a slice of salted caramel cake).  It should be said that Mum was trying to avoid being in this photo - but what the heck!

After a run out to check the location and times of a church that Mum and Dad want to try out on Sunday, plus a visit to our lovely local butchers, it was time for home and a cuppa before I go out again - tonight it's the monthly bookclub meeting so its time for a pub meal - it's a lovely social life but plays havoc with the diet.  (I put on half a pound last night - I blamed it on the cuppa that we had an hour or so before the weigh in lol!!)


  1. Sorry!
    Did I put you under pressure with the Annie downs quilt?
    Must go to Lilly's tea rooms, looks great.
    See you in the morning.

  2. Oh my that looks like a scrumptious lunch! Was that for one person?

  3. A good day all round. The picture of my lunch does look enormouse, but in reality it was only two slices of bread with loads of salad. Xx