Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Daisy v Maisie

Well - Mum and Dad arrived late afternoon and chaos descended on this little peaceful house!  They have a border collie who is really not sure about a little pup who keeps bouncing around the room and tries to eat her tail!  The evening started with some form of stand off - Millie lying as far away as possible and Daisy bouncing around like Tigger.

Daisy, however, quickly bonded with Dad!  Look how quickly that tail is wagging!

By this morning Maisie would reluctantly allow Daisy to sit near her on the sofa - but soon jumped off again.  I would go as far as saying that Maisie is afraid of Daisy!

Life tends to move at a slower pace when Mum and Dad are up and it was noon before we decided whether to go out or not ( we didn't).  The weather was not great so a troll around the shops, even if Mum's leg would allow it, was not on the cards.  So instead they had a lazy day ( I am on strict instructions not to take a photo of the invalid asleep with a quilt wrapped around her - but think nursing home and you get the picture!) whilst I made a set of coasters from a charm pack for mum to give to her friend next week as a hostess gift.

I also used my time to start the big sewing room clear out - one box / basket at a time.  As I come across suitable fabric for a Tanya bag I, of course, put it to one side - and then made my first bag (wrongly as it turned out but the bag is functional!). 

Meanwhile Millie and Daisy snuggled together and went to sleep (for the first time).

Tonight Mum and Dad are going over to my brother's for a meal and an overnight stay whilst I am off to my sewing class so clearly time also needed to be spent this afternoon getting ready for it.


  1. Ahhh so cute sleeping together.
    Don't blame Millie for sitting back and watching the battle of wills!

    1. lol! Mind you - I might just be danger of losing Daisy to Dad!