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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Jelly Roll Race Bath Mat - part 2

Today being Tuesday, and the children have all gone back to school, it was time for our weekly cinema fix at the Senior Screen.  Today Jean and I chose the film "Burnt" which was about a washed up chef trying to rebuild his life and achieve an elusive 3 Michelin stars.  the pedigree was good, and I knew that Marcus Waring had overseen the cookery element so it would ne true to life.  We actually met up with Wendy and her husband Nigel - who used to be a chef himself.  Nigel confirmed how true the kitchen element was -a little worrying since there were some moments that seemed rather unhygienic to me!

Next stop was Tesco for a carvery -plus a little shopping.  Whilst Jean popped into Tesco's, I popped across the carpark to Pets at Home for some puppy food and a puppy toy.  I have always worked on the basis that if you give a puppy something to chew on then they may leave your shoes etc alone.  lets hope!

Then it was time for the journey home, walk Millie and then sit down to finish the bath mat - picture at the bottom of this post.  The post box revealed this piece of golden treasure -  a charity bag.  I always try to fill a charity bag when they arrive - its decluttering with a conscience!

The post box also had a new shower head.  I had tried to descale my shower head a couple of days ago but the efforts, over time, were taking the silver coating off the head - so I went for broke and treated myself.

It was also an opportunity to rescue last night's dining disaster.  I took what I thought was two chicken breasts out of the freezer, defrosted them and then went last night to warp them in bacon for tea.  However they turned out to be a gammon joint - a common mistake - NOT!  Lets just say that tea was a bacon sandwich!  This evening I will cook the gammon joint in a roasting bag in some stock - and then enjoy the unexpected surprise tomorrow!

Crafting wise this evening I will be trying to get close to finishing the EPP table topper for the kitchen,  - it is essentially 1 12 more circuits of diamonds.  anyway here is the finished bath mat - not bad for some scraps of fabric and an old towel.  Now I just need to make a pedestal mat to match and we will be sorted!


  1. Great bath mat!
    I love it when the charity bags come through the door...even if they do come rather too frequently in this neck of the woods! I don't have enough clothes/bedding etc to declutter and that's what most of the bags require.
    I always love the AGE UK bags as they take almost anything, so I can declutter toys, household items etc with their bags.

  2. Well done on the bathmat, very individual!! The film sounds the sort we would enjoy, must look out for it on DVD. Is your bedroom ready for the carpet yet. Xxx