Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Another milestone for Daisy

Today was her first visit to the vets, and therefore her first time travelling alone in the boot of the car (it's a hatchback with a dog guard before you all get worried).  All the way there she howled but I am pleased to say that I didn't hear a murmur from her all the way home.  At the vets she was admired and cuddled - by both the people who worked there and the owners of the patients.  She passed her health check but has some ear mites so has to have some ear drops - she didn't mind - she's a trooper!  Next week she has her final injection and then she can go out for her first walk around 10 days later!

When we got home Millie and Daisy had a mad half hour whilst I searched for purple fabric.  My pledge to not buy fabric until the workshop on 26th feb took a dangerous tilt last night.  Our next Tuesday night project (due to start in two weeks) is a mystery block quilt made of 49 blocks - to start we need one fat quarter of purple and purple scraps.  Purple - I ask you -  I am not a purple girl (As I write this I have a purple jumper on lol).  However I have managed  to track this down from my old stash upstairs and Wendy has found some as well - if we share we might get somewhere and my pledge can stay intact.

Lunch was some homemade cauliflower cheese soup with some more smash scones.  This time I had two slices of bacon which I dry fried and added to the mix to add some variety.  I then decided to treat myself to an afternoon of hand sewing so that I could make some headway with the next block from the Anni Downs quilt that we started on Sunday.   Eventually the guidelines will be ironed away so I don't need to worry if I stray a little!

Mum and Dad are now coming up to stay next Monday so the final job of the day was to sort the mess of books that were taken off the book case before it went on Monday, put the pillow cases on and fix the new shower head on.  It's the high life for me!


  1. Ahh bless her, what a trooper indeed.
    Mind you don't go visiting too many coffee shops next week!

    1. Now I don't quite know what you mean - I've already pencilled in an afternoon tea!

  2. With or without cake though,that's the question?