Wednesday, 13 January 2016

It's a cover up!

Last night's sleeping position!

Last night I bowed to my mother's advice and covered Daisy's cage up with an old curtain that I had been saving for Tanya's Bags - the result was half an hour of whining and then silence!  Silence for 6 hours - until Millie started her single bark at 5am telling me that she wanted to be clean.  I resisted until 6am and then gave in - but that's an improvement!

So - after an hour sat in the conservatory trying to encourage the two dogs to play and enjoying the electric fire - I made a start on some craft.  My main aim for today (I didn't have to go out at all) was to gut the kitchen and conservatory -  then mop the kitchen, bathroom and conservatory floors - finally to "dress" the bathroom.  So it made sense to start the efforts by cutting 1 1/2 inch strips from fabric for my "Scamblesby quilt" - I know - only in my head did it make sense!  The mopping and hovering must have seemed like going to "Alton Towers" for Daisy - she had a whale of a time. We also had some success with her toilet training today.  She took herself off (twice) into the garden whilst the conservatory door was open and then sit down.  I asked her to be clean - at which point she walked a couple of steps and squatted - result!  Perhaps that makes up for the accident in the lounge this morning on the relatively new carpet then!  The accident just followed this lovely moment when Millie and Daisy were playing together.  Daisy has developed a little bit of a crush on Millie - in the garden she just follows her everywhere!

Of course I couldn't "dress" the bathroom without making the pedestal mat to match the bath mat.  You may recall that I did a "Jelly Roll Race with scrap fabric and used some of it to make the bath mat.  Well, with an additional few rows, I had enough left for the pedestal mat.  Like before I used a towel to back the patchwork, although I only went for one layer since it would not have to soak up water like a bath mat, and used my existing pedestal mat to help with the shaping and size.  Anyway - here is the finished article - I'm going for a minimalistic, easy to clean bathroom without my usual clutter!  Let's see how long that one will last.

Foodwise - things are reasonably on track and I am looking forward to SW chips, sw beefburgers and beans tonight.  The scales were 4lbs down this morning so I am hopeful for a loss tomorrow night.

Craftingwise - obviously I finished the pedestal mat, have completed the first part of my Anni Downs quilt and have just 3 diamonds to sew into the EPP table cloth.  Tonight I then have the laborious task of taking out all the paper diamonds and tacking the edges down - before backing it with an old sheet tomorrow.


  1. All sounding perfect in the crafting/doggy household x

    1. well we might, just might be getting into some form of routine. I particularly like the idea that when I craft she comes and sleeps in her bed - what a good doggy!