Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Senior screen, and sewing - what a combo!

This morning started early - Daisy, this time (I let her whine for 15 minutes until the news at 6am - by which time she was quiet again - I didn't want her to think that I would come in if she was whining).  I have to say that the idea of not covering the cage completely is working - she only made a minimal fuss last night and no noise when I got up in the middle of the night.  The issue of messing her bed was also sorted by squashing her bed into the cage and leaving space at the front of the bed for a puppy pad.  It's all trial and error.

Leaving all the toilet talk behind, but sticking with the topic of Daisy for a minute, I have been really impressed with the way that Millie is trying to mother her and teach Daisy how to behave.  Poor old Millie has never gone outside to be clean as much!  However I noticed today that other behaviours are creeping in.  When I load the dishwasher, for example, Millie will interrogate to see if here is any dropped food - Daisy has to join in.

Then, when Millie goes outside, she likes to go amongst the leaves to see what she can find - so does Daisy now.

Finally, on this point, when I leave the house I pick up two biscuits and two puppy drops and tell the dogs to go on their beds - Daisy gets on the wrong bed every day (ever hopeful)!

Being a Tuesday it was senior screen this morning - Jean and I wanted to watch different films so we split up inside the cinema - I went to see "Steve Jobs" - CEO of Apple.  Undoubtedly a driven man with a brilliant mind - but emotionally not very nice to those around him - if the film is to be believed.

This afternoon Carine popped around to check something out from the craft group yesterday - it was a good opportunity to get Daisy used to visitors.  (Wendy is due to visit Daisy tonight before we go to the first sewing class of this term tonight so that will be a double dose.)  By now it was 3:20pm and the afternoon was soon gone - just time to sort the sewing out for tonight and tidy around.

In terms of my leg, truthfully it is stinging more today, but I am feeling fine otherwise (apart from the disgusting tasting antibiotics!).  However the bandage has had to be changed and we won't even talk about the appalling mess that I made of covering it with a plastic bag in the shower this morning!


  1. Ahhh what a Cutie that Daisy is. Lets hope that she doesn't pick up too many of Millie's not so good habits!
    Really hoping that leg doesn't get any worse!

  2. Thank you - she is quite cuddly! You're right about the leg - I am hoping it doesn't get any worse either!

  3. That picture of Daisy on Millie's bed made me laugh - they look like the odd couple !
    And do take it easy with your leg!
    Should you be resting it??

  4. Little and large comes to mind!! They do look funny!!! Keep going with the training.xxxxx

  5. I do enjoy reading your blog it is here ready to read each morning as I am on the West coast of the USA so the time zones are very different.
    Your dogs are so cute
    I am a bit worried about your leg if you don't see an improvement please get it seen by a doctor right away ..... I would also say you need to stay off of it rest it and keep it elevated when sitting but I can't make you do that from here but do your best