Friday, 8 January 2016

Drawing the curtains on another productive day

Wow - I can see sunshine and blue skies - it's cold but a cheering sign!

So - another day at home of cleaning and throwing - I am beginning to discover the conservatory under everything that had to be moved into there.  First to go was my old washing "basket".  It's actually a pine cabinet but has served me well and now doesn't suit the décor.  Instead Phil and Chris had given me this cloth version for Christmas - which they picked up for the princely sum of 80p in a Sainsbury sale!  I gifted the pine cabinet on and it was picked up this afternoon.

In one of the boxes was a lot of pens so a happy time was then spent testing them all - this picture is just one of the cards that I used.  As I tidied so I realised that to give each room its makeover the key is to make sure that there's a specific place for everything - that's why the craft room is so overloaded as everything is put back into there!  Mind you I have also repositioned some plastic shelves under the stairs for footwear and craft bags that are needed on a regular basis.  I have also tried to empty the Konmari principle of decluttering - if I don't love it then its binned - unless its of real use of course!  I still have my old lounge curtains, for example, as they would be perfect for making the Tanya's bags.

Talking of curtains, I wanted to hang the curtains in the bedroom and kitchen before Daisy arrives on Sunday.  So the next job was to iron them!!  They say that you should never work with pets or children.  Lets just add green black out curtains and extending curtain poles!  The kitchen curtains wouldn't iron (no doubt the creases will drop out ha ha) and then the ends of the extending pole wouldn't come off so I thought - its extending - let's just separate the two poles to put the eyelet curtains on.  BIG mistake!  When it was finally sorted I then realised that I had put one side on the wrong way around (eyelet wise - I'm not so daft that the lining was on the outside - honest!).  My jury is out at the moment - there have been no curtains at these windows since the doors were put in about 10 years ago so we will see - I need to get used to the extra darkness that curtains create.

By now I was ready to drop.  Even my step counter was on overdrive and beginning to smoke!  Time for a sit down and some late lunch.  This afternoon was really more of the same - sorting out the conservatory, filling up black bin bags etc - as well as walking Millie at the freezing beach!

Talking of food I promised that I would report on my intake this week so here goes:-

Breakfast - Frozen  fruit, banana, muller light yoghurt and a hifi bar light.

Lunch - rice, ham and scrambled egg (don't ask - too tired to cook something proper!)

Dinner - sausage casserole, jacket potaoe, carrots and broccoli

Treats / snacks - hifi bar light, mug shot (3 syns), bag of malteseters (10.5 syns)

Total syns = 13.5 /15

So - an okay day and back on track (at last!)


  1. What a frustrating day!!! Never mind at least the curtains are now up. Every job you do is one job less!!!xxx

  2. Curtains are a pain! You will get there in the end and just imagine all the time you will have on your hands when all the DIY is done...more time for sewing!
    Well done for being back on track food wise x