Thursday, 14 January 2016

It's snowing !!

As usual - lets start with last night.  Daisy went quiet a full 7 minutes after she went to bed - wow!  She spoilt it rather by whining when I got up in the middle of the night and went on for around half an hour but its a distinct improvement.  I, on the other hand just could not get to sleep until beyond 1:30am.   It was therefore rather fortunate that Millie did not start her barking routine until 7am.

So - onto today.  This morning was heavily craft based.  First up was the completion of the EPP table cloth (at last I hear you all say!).  It's had it's problems but sets off the table well.

Whilst I had the ironing board out, I did the ironing (of course) and then set to catching up with the 365 block challenge - making another 5 blocks.  I am just behind by two blocks so will get that sorted tomorrow.

Next up was the hovering of the lounge.  I only mention that because, up to now, when I am not in the lounge I have kept the door closed so that Daisy doesn't go in and mess on the carpet.  Whilst I was in there hoovering I put her on the sofa to keep out of the way - let's say that she has now learnt how to jump off!  She's courageous at least.  However she's clearly not that brave - this afternoon, after she had woken up from her nap, I took her out to be clean.  I have started to put her down and open the door - telling her to go out and be clean - this has worked well so far but today she took one look at the windy, wet snow that's falling and ran back to her puppy training pad and weed - ah well that's a result I guess.

Millie and Daisy are now getting along really well and starting to play together.  This morning Millie was pulling Daisy's bed around the sewing room - with Daisy in it.  Daisy retaliated by trying to grab onto Millie's ears and tails.  So far Millie s allowing it - which, if you knew Millie, is fairly amazing but I am hoping that Millie will tell Daisy off when she gets too bad.

Foodwise I have been good today but its the scales tonight so we will see how it goes.  The scales were not as good this morning as they were yesterday - ah well, I guess that's why you shouldn't weigh yourself every day!


  1. Sounds like Daisy is learning! Snow...we are jealous...a day of it would be great...but no more!

  2. Sounds like you have a very intelligent dog!!! Well done