Thursday, 28 January 2016

I am going to "Box Heaven"

Last night was "fab-u-lous" - a real feel good night out with lots of live dancing, music and singing - finishing with a multi film homage to Hollywood.  For all the fans of Strictly Come Dancing, the live tour lets you see familiar routines from the tv show up close and personal - as well as new whole cast routines.  Jay and Aliona won the phone vote on the night but, for me, Anita Rani and her partner Gleb danced the best.


I arrived home around 12:30am and wouldn't have bothered the dogs in the kitchen had they not started to moan and whine.  Conscious that Mum and Dad were sleeping above the kitchen I went in, let them out to be clean and then settled them down again - or so I thought!  Ten minutes later of Daisy whining and howling I got up and brought her cage into my bedroom.  She still didn't settle until I let her sleep next to me on the bed (okay okay I know that I shouldn't have done that but, by now I was ready to settle for anything to close my eyes!)  Truthfully she did settle really well - until the back up battery in the smoke alarm started to peep really loudly and woke me up.  Conscious that the alarm was outside the bedroom upstairs I then got up and took the battery out before settling again.  Well I say settle - that was until Millie started to whine at 5:30am.  Are you getting the picture?  I am shattered!  Mum, on the other hand, reported a lovely nights sleep!

The rest of the morning passed slowly until we made a decision to go out for some lunch and try a new café that I have never been to before - The Gingerbread Café.  It was very pleasant and mum even picked up some useful Christmas gifts - yep 11 months early as well!  Whilst we were in the area we popped into Tesco's and into Pets at Home (to buy a retractable lead for Daisy's fist walk next week) before heading down to B & Q.  They had a sale on of "Really Useful Storage boxes."  By the time that Dad and I had finished I am now sitting in a room with 18 boxes!!  (hence the title of the blog today).  I have made a start in sorting the craft room and have dismantled three boxes so far and filled a bag of books for the charity collection tomorrow,  It may be a small drop in the ocean but it's a start. The boxes are so that I can organise my fabric into colour themes etc. 

Cute photo of the day - Millie and Daisy lay down to sleep in the morning sunshine - bless!


  1. Oh dear!
    Your on the slippery slope now with Daisy . Tut tut!
    Sounds like a good night at strictly.

  2. Tut tut indeed. Daisy is a lovely, very cute little dog, BUT she needs a firm hand. Like all puppies (and children) they need discipline. Xxxxx

  3. Oh my, having puppies really is like having babies then!
    All I can say what you have to do to get some shut eye and save that battle for another day!

    1. Thank you for being on my side! I only did it to let mum have a good nights sleep!

  4. My little dog has always had his bed in my room,and most of the time he stays in it,but some times I wake to find him on the bottom of mine he doesn't come on for himself you understand,he doesn't want me to be lonely,