Saturday, 9 January 2016

Maybe the blackout curatins were worth the trouble ........

Weyhey - I woke up naturally today without Millie barking - woop woop!

That being said I wanted an early start - lots to do etc.  First up was the car wash.  I love the hand wash service and the car was beyond filthy.  The combination of motorway driving, muddy Devonshire lanes and torn up beach car parks from the seal traffic have all taken their toll.  I know that the clean car feeling won't last long but at least I won't get dirty just opening the boot.  Then it was onto Pets at Home to buy Daisy a small cage to sleep in and  both Daisy and Millie new collars and name tags.  There was a slight difference in size!

After some food shopping, it was onto Dunelm to buy some pillow cases (I forgot them last week when buying the bedding).  Whilst I was there I noticed that they still had some Christmas stuff reduced.  I bought some gift bags but then noticed these two boxes.  They were priced at the original price of £1.99 so I chanced my arm and asked the cashier to check - yep - they were reduced to 49p.  so I took them - notice the red Phil?

On the way home I stopped off at B & Q for a new toilet seat - don't ask.  Whilst there they had this compact electric fire on offer - just right to take the chill off the conservatory.  With new carpets in the bedroom and lounge, I suspect that I will be spending a lot of my time in the conservatory until Daisy is house trained!

After lunch, and some more decluttering, it was time to dust and hoover upstairs ( I need a lift for the hoover - I hate lugging it upstairs!.  Mum and Dad are planning to come up on Thursday but Mum's leg is still bad so I am not sure whether she will feel able to travel.  However it's better to be ready than not - again I can hear Daisy crying now if I go upstairs and she can't get up the stairs so it's better to tick that particular job off the list.  This bed runner was the first real "patchwork" project that I completed - I was in hospital for a week and then spent the next two weeks at home recuperating.  What's a girl to do but sew?  I had several squares / patches and so tried to sew them together and fill in the gaps.  Every time I put it on the bed it really cheers me up.  The blue cushion is some bluework (as opposed to blackwork) embroidery using a vintage pattern.  The yellow cushion was a gift from Happymum where she has managed to combine fabric and crochet.  The cushion is actually a Quillow - there is a throw hidden within the cover.

Tonight I am out serving ice creams etc at the theatre - my monthly commitment you may recall.  Tonight it's the panto so it's an earlier than usual start but that will mean an earlier than usual finish so it can't be all bad.


  1. What a cute bed runner Lynda! I bet you are really looking forward to Daisy arriving! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  2. Great bargain...and RED! Love the heater too.
    What a pretty bed....could just jump into it!
    Hope all goes well tomorrow!

  3. Pleased you are feeling better about the curtains!! Good idea about the fire, will certainly help with the toilet training if you can keep her in the conservatory for a

  4. We can't wait to see some pictures of Daisy, I love puppies despite the hard work they are a real joy.