Monday, 18 January 2016

One step forward, two poos back - oh the joys of owning a puppy!

May I first start with apologising that this blog is so late - I have had problems with my internet so I am also keeping the blog short in case it goes again.

Well -after the highs of Diva Daisy yesterday she royally went and disgraced herself today!  Clearly she never got the memo about dogs not messing their own bed - she had pooed in the night in her bed.  However she then went on to mess in the hall on two more occasions!  Her only saving grace is that she chose to do her business on the carpet runner which can be easily changed BUT!

Having got that off my chest I woke up naturally (no dogs barking / whining ) at an amazing 7:15am!!  Just as well - my leg had been playing up a little since the fall last week and, when my leg started to turn red over the weekend, I feared that I may have got what mum had and wanted to catch it quickly - cue a sit on the phone to the doctors from 8am for an appointment. I was right - Cellulitis / antibiotics / dressing and appointment with the nurse for Friday to change the dressing.  I don't mind really - at least it should have headed the illness off at the pass!

Having got up I was able to spend some time sewing labels on the Tanya bags that I have - there are 9 here and Wendy has done another 5 so we should be able to take 14 to the hospital later this week - great start!

Next up was a little sit down and time for today's cutie shot!

Then it was onto the craft group where most of them were making quilted bags but I chose to do my homework for the sewing group tomorrow.  I've had this homework since the end of November - maybe I could have found time to tack these squares together before now!

Last up was the removal of my bookcase from upstairs as part of the redecorating process.  I had already taken the books to the church hall for their fundraising and this ex MFI (remember them?) bookcase was just taking up space.  I have mentioned it before but I really like using a freely given facebook page for our area - the arrangement seems to help everyone!


  1. Not another case of cellulitis...our cousin in Ruislip suffers with that too...sounds horrendous!
    I do hope it doesn't run in the family!

    1. I'm hoping that I've caught it in time before it becomes debilitating. Its a good job, in a way of course, that we experienced it at Christmas - once saw my red leg off to the doctors I went.

  2. Oh dear, sorry about your leg, hope you get better soon.
    And don't be to harsh with Daisy- after all she is still only a baby.

  3. Sorry about your leg,hope it soon feels a little better x