Monday, 11 January 2016

Sleep - what's that?

Yesterday evening Daisy slept, went out for a wee and then slept again.  So I felt sure that keeping her awake for an hour before bedtime would mean that I got a good night's sleep - makes sense eh?  Not on your Nellie - she went outside, did her business, went into her bed and I shut the crate's door then went to bed.  The howling went on for half an hour before I did what everyone says not to do - I went back in - to tell her off of course.  She had done a number 2 in her bed (so the theory that dogs don't foul their own beds is out of the window) and didn't want to sleep on the poo so was climbing on top of her bed trying to get out.  Once I had cleared up the business, turned the bedding over and put her back twice (without verbal interaction-I've seen those Nanny programmes!) I turned off the light (leaving the door to the crate open) and went to bed - and had a fantastic night's sleep - well - until Millie woke me up at 5am!  When I went in Daisy was asleep in her bed - oh the irony!  There was just one small wee on the kitchen floor so I am pretty happy with that result.

Letting them out this morning, however, we nearly had a disaster on our hands.  Daisy has learnt how to get up the outside steps (there's only one) but doesn't like going down so I stepped outside to put her on the grass - only to slip and end up grazing my leg on afore said step.  As I lay there in my dressing gown I could only be grateful that I hadn't hit my head on the step or broken something.  After Mum's recent illness which has stemmed from a fall with the dog, I really need to be more careful.

After some breakfast, and another doze, it was now 7:30am - gosh how late!  I thought that I might go into the craft room and start to get ready for the craft group this afternoon.  Nope - Daisy decided that she would just sit by my chair and cry.  I don't want her to get used to keep being picked up so I got her bed in (minus the soiled part which was now being washed) and Daisy spent a happy half hour playing with the handles of the carrier bag holding my Indigo Dye equipment - getting her into crafting early then!  Never mind - at least it tired her out for a while.

I had a nice surprise phone call about 11:15am - the plumbers were coming to sort the ensuite bathroom out.  So, as I got ready to go out, I left them to it.  I think that they've sorted it but they didn't leave me any note to confirm it.  Daisy came with me this afternoon - only because I had a meeting after the craft group and it would have been too long to leave her (and it was a good excuse to let her have lots of cuddles - and I mean a lot - she even had Sue volunteering to look after her if ever I need a dog sitter!).  This will not become a habit though - she already cries if I go out of the room - even though she is free to follow me!    Mind you at least Daisy got to meet her Auntie Jean and Aunty Dorothy was fantastic keep taking her outside so that we had no accidents.!

Whilst at Craft Group I felt like a proud mama - Carine had got a new sewing machine for Christmas, sewn a Tanya bag, made her first ever quilt from a Jelly roll and made up her first block for "The Quilter Lives Here" quilt - go Carine!  Her husband is now complaining that he never sees her!

Foodwise, today was not great in the morning but I am hoping to pull it back with my evening meal - stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon with roast potatoes and veg.

Craftingwise - I am hoping, tonight,  to finish the top of the EPP table cloth - I keep saying that don't I?  I am also playing with some fabric backed finger plates for the kitchen to match the table cloth - I will let you see if they work out.


  1. Poor little minute she is home with her mum to snuggle into and the next she is with a stranger and a strange dog with strange smells....give her a cuddle I say!

  2. Hopefully having a busy afternoon Daisy may sleep better tonight. Poor Millie has had her world turned upside down!!!xxx

  3. Looks like daisy is settling in slowly, hopefully the sleepless nights will soon be just a bad memory!
    And well done to caribe, she doing fabulous.
    Oh - and has anyone told her husband it will get worse!