Saturday, 16 January 2016

It's time to give Daisy a bath!

The day started early and we have developed a routine - I have to fuss Daisy before she will do her business and then I settle down in the conservatory with a  cup of coffee and the fire turned on.  At one point Daisy jumped down from the sofa and ran to the door getting quite agitated when it was shut.  I opened the door and let her into the garden - at which point she did a number 2 - a landmark in the toilet training schedule me thinks.

After breakfast (baked oats like yesterday) and some running around Daisy tends to fall into her basket and sleep by around 8:30 so I can get some work done.  Apart from the usual housework I wanted to get ready for the Scamblesby sewing day tomorrow - cue some light box work and cutting out of fabric ready for the needleturning.

After she had woken up and had her lunch ( I am trying to feed them early so that she does everything before bedtime) it was nice to see Daisy and Millie playing together.  I am hoping that this video works - please ignore the radio playing in the background.  The blue toy is a puppy toy which would be easy for Millie to destroy but which provides Daisy a distraction from her chewing - the first proper casualty seems to be this pen!

Then it was time for her bath.  She had had one before I picked her up and they recommended that we bathed her regularly to ensure that she gets used to the process.  She didn't seem fazed at all - she tried to climb out but there was no whining / crying and, when she was dried with a hairdryer, Daisy was more bothered about the strange dog she could see in the mirror - quite a diva!  One less barrier to get over then - I suspect that she will have to bathed quite often given her size and the filthy weather that we've been having.

After a lunch of Pea and Ham soup - yes like yesterday - can you see  pattern here? - it was time to pop upstairs and sort a bookcase out.  Now that Mum and Dad aren't coming up it's full steam ahead trying to get the room sorted for their next scheduled visit at Easter.  The first gigantic step is the decluttering process and a friend wants the bookcase - she's coming to pick it up on Monday evening.  Then it's moving the bed downstairs, taking the carpet up and, potentially, sorting the floor out, then decorating etc etc etc!  When I started to redecorate the whole house there were always two rooms that I was dreading - the upstairs bedroom and the craftroom (which I am leaving until last!!)

So foodwise everything has been okay and a repeat of yesterday.  So far so good!

splendid_button_4Craftwise - I have focussed on getting ready, as I have said, and making a start on the first block so that I can show others tomorrow if they are stuck.  I will confess to a moment of madness though - I've signed up to another challenge.  This time it's less blocks - 100 blocks in the year - and it's free - as well as being a range of techniques and different designers - Gail Pan being one of them so there should be some embroidery going on.  In my defence it's free for the year but then they are planning to publish it in a book - so it's saving money really - honest!!  Well - what am I going to do once the house is finished - I ask you?  Sewingbuddy - have you signed up yet? Full details here!


  1. Well done on the bath. Good idea to getting her used to it. Now just to add to the confusion!! We still may come up!!!! It all depends on the hospital appointment. Maybe we should speak!!!!! Xxxx

  2. Am a bit miffed why have you traced design onto fabric?
    Thought we were tracing templates?
    And the new challenge is only for one month!
    What video?

    1. Hi - the tracing is just for placement purposes and the challenge is two blocks per week for a year - feb 2016 to March 2017 the video is there but doesn't always show up on an ipad - I will let you see tomorrow x

  3. Couldn't see video on my laptop :( Sounds like lots of progress being made though with being all aspects!
    More sewing!! Such a good job you retired!