Monday, 25 January 2016

The royal party is on their way

Today started well - it's dry (don't expect that to last this week!) and so warm that I turned the heating off.  Nothing for it then - Daisy had to have her weekly wash - well Mum and Dad are up late afternoon/ early evening so she has a new audience to charm - we can't have her smelling now can we?  Daisy doesn't particularly like being washed and wriggles around but seems to like the hairdryer part of the process.  Mind you she got her own back.  I couldn't find her - until I came across my craft bag which madam seems to think is a new bed!

After another hoover around, not to mention the daily washing of Daisy's bed (she will mess in her own bed!), it was time to head off to the vets for her second jab.  That means that she can go out a week on Wednesday - that's come around quickly!  So this week we have to practise with her lead on - at the moment she just sits down and refuses to go anywhere.

After coming home, giving her lunch and settling her down again it was time to head off to the craft group.  I took my machine to help Linda out with her quilting (although she didn't need it because Dorothy brought her own one for Linda to borrow) but I continued with the hand quilting of my star blocks.  Talking of Dorothy I was extremely grateful for her purple fabric haul - I am off and running without buying anymore fabric (as per pledge).

Talking of fabric I finally got around to collecting some fabric together for The Splendid Sampler.  I have a collection of moda fabric (mainly charm packs) and am hoping that, with little addition, they will complement each other.  It is difficult to be decisive until we start to see the different blocks but at least I am ready to rock and roll.

The final accolade of the day should go to Carine who has finished her craft organiser bag - using a gorgeous teal baric that I threw out grrrrrr - I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I am not ..........

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