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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Crawling back to normal

I don't know about you but I don't stick to the 12 days of Christmas rule - once I come home I need to take the decorations down, put away and then get back to normal as quickly as possible. So that's what I was doing last night and this afternoon.  My problem is that I got distracted and ended up taking out loads of fabric that I don't need anymore - ready to donate / give away.  I will take the HUGE pile to my sewing groups first - after that I will put the remainder in one of those charity fabric bins.

Anyway - the main activity today was a trip to Dunelm to buy curtains for the kitchen, curtains and voile panels for the bedroom, order an arm chair for the bedroom and towels for the bathroom - gee its exciting isn't it.  I need to wait for the new bedroom carpet to be laid on Thursday before I can do much in there but I did venture into the bathroom to give the radiator a good clean.  The shower hose was somewhat gunked up so I replaced it with a nice new shiny one and, as I write this, the shower head is being soaked to get rid of the gunk.  Meanwhile the light cord boasts a new ceramic pull - things are definitely coming together.

Other than watching Millie enjoy her run up at the beach, the other job that I have started is going through the unsorted bedroom contents in the conservatory - there's no point putting back rubbish now is there?  Let's just say that I needed to buy a new roll of bin bags - very satisfying but this may take a while to get rid of - the binmen only come once a fortnight!

When I stopped work and checked my post-box I found this lovely decoupaged heart from Jean - it was a late Christmas present and is adorable - the photo doesn't do justice to it.  the last room to be decorated and sorted will be the craft room and this will go wonderfully in it!


  1. Life is relentless isn't it? You're soon back into the swing of things. It's always exciting when you have planned and budgeted for a project and it all starts to come together. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Love the decoupage heart. Xxxxx

  2. Don't forget to keep any red fabric!

  3. Red what could that be for!?
    You are too ahead of the game PD!
    What a lovely heart!